Excursion to La Granja

Excursion to La Granja


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Excursion to the Royal Palace "La Granja" (6 hours) without dinner

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Excursion to the Royal Palace "La Granja" (8 hours) with dinner

280, 00 €

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The magnificent royal palace “La Granja” is located near Segovia.

The palace represents one of the royal residences and is characterized by incredible beauty and luxury. The history of “La Granja” counts almost three centuries. It was built by the order of the King Phillip V. Initially conceived as a small hunting house, the palace became one of the main architectural masterpieces of Spanish baroque. Many famous architects and artists worked on the design of “La Granja”. Therefore, both the palace and the surrounding gardens are real works of art.
The Russian-speaking guide in “La Granja” will show you the main beauties of the palaces and it surroundings, including the royal quarters with amazing pictures and tapestries and the main attraction of the palace- wonderful park with numerous statues, fountains and lush trees.

Excursion to “La Granja” with our guide will be one of the best impressions from your travel!

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