Excursions in Madrid (description)

Excursions in Madrid (description)

Our guide will show you the main attractions of the capital of Spain and can get you’re the tickets to corrida, flamenco and other national Spanish festivals.

Meeting Madrid


It is better to explore such cities as Madrid in the company of professional Russian-speaking guide. Especially if it’s a member of the company “Privet Madrid”, who knows exactly the working time of any attractions and price of any tickets.

 Russian-speaking guide in Madrid


Our guides will show you the masterpieces of Prado Museum and tell you the story of each of them. If you don’t like classics, go to the Queen Sophia or Thyssen Museum. No matter if you choose the Museum of America, flamenco bar, bullring or visit to Santiago Bernabeuexcursion in Russian language will be more understandable than in Spanish.

Quiet walks in Madrid


For the people who don’t like the city fuss, our Russian-speaking guides offer an excursion to Retiro Park, where you can hire a boat for a ride on the lake, or enjoy a picnic in the broad shadowy woods.

Boardwalk in Madrid

Besides, during the excursions the tourists can walk down the boardwalk known as Madrid Rio. It represents quiet kilometers-long threads of pedestrian and bicycle paths with the bridges.

What could be better than a travel? Only the well-organized travel!

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