Interpreter in Madrid

Interpreter in Madrid


1-10 persons/€

11-55 persons/€

Interpreter in Madrid

40, 00 € / 1 hour

on request

Welcome to Spain – the country of eternal joy and fun! Our company wishes you a pleasant staying and good rest, and we’ll help you to organize it.

One of the main conditions of successful excursion is visiting the attractions and plunging into the culture of your country. And, of course, the language is necessary for that. But if you don’t speak Spanish, that’s okay! Interpreter in Madrid is always ready to help you.

We offer many translation services, including the following: interpretation and translation of technical and literary text, documents, etc. You can also order the simultaneous (translation during speaking) and consecutive interpretation (the clients speaks, and then makes a pause, allowing the translator to send the necessary message).

The available languages of translations are: Russian, Spanish, English and German. Regardless of the topic, specifics and language pairs, we’ll provide you the qualitative result.

In our company, you can also order a tour of Madrid and nearest cities with the visit to the most famous attractions. We will do our best to make your rest unforgettable.

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