One-day excursion to Segovia and La Granja

One-day excursion to Segovia and La Granja


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Excursion to Segovia + La Granja (8 hours) with time for dinner

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Welcome to the beautiful and sunny Spain!

Our Russian-speaking guide in Madrid prepared many interesting and exciting excursions both in the capital and in its surroundings. During one of such trips we will visit the charming city of Segovia and the royal mansion “La Granja”.
Our one-day excursion starts with a visit to Segovia. The guide will show you the most famous attractions of this historic city. You will see the famous 818-meter Aqueduct of Segovia, built in the II century A.D. After that, the guide will lead you to the wonderful Royal Palace called Alcazar, built at the top of the cliff, at the confluence of two rivers. In the end of our excursion to Segovia, we will also visit the Cathedral.


Excursion to La Granja

Our excursion will continue with a visit to the royal palace “La Granja”, located not far from Segovia. The manor was built by the order of the King Phillip V and was originally conceived as a hunting lodge. But then, “La Granja” turned into the real royal palace, surrounded by the lush gardens and beautiful sculptures.
One-day excursion to Segovia and La Granja with our guide will be one of the brightest impressions from your trip.


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