Tour 1 Full Day from Madrid to Salamanca +Avila

Tour 1 Full Day from Madrid to Salamanca + Avila


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Tour 1 Full Day from Madrid to Salamanca + Avila (10 hours)

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The one-day excursion is devoted to the visit of Salamanca and Avila. During this tour our guide will acquaint you with the history and architecture of the ancient Spanish cities. You’ll see the most beautiful, original and interesting places in Salamanca and Avila and get a lot of impressions of the short but very exciting journey.

What does the excursion from Madrid to Salamanca begin with?

Our one-day excursion from Madrid begins with the visit to the charming old city of Salamanca. This city is often called “Spanish Oxford”, as the first university in the world was built just here in 1218. Our guide will lead you to the oldest university, the graduates of which were famous Spanish writers Miguel Servantes and Lope de Vega. After that you’ll have a possibility to walk through the Plaza Mayor (Main Square) in the style of baroque, to visit an unusual Gothic mansion called “Casa de las Conchas” (“The house of shells”) and admire the beauty of the old Cathedral of Salamanca, built in the XII century.


The main places of interest of Avila

The next place our guide will show you at the time of our excursion is an ancient Spanish city called Avila. It is famous for its rich history and exceptional monuments of architecture. The city has a very unusual location at a height of 1128 m above sea level on the top of the rocky hill. Avila attracts the pilgrims, as it’s the birth-place of the deeply revered by Spaniards Saint Teresa. There is a monastery complex devoted to Saint Teresa in Avila. But the common tourists will also find a lot of interesting places in this lovely ancient city.


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