Tour from Madrid to Cuenca

Tour from Madrid to Cuenca


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Excursion to Cuenca (9 hours) with time for dinner

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The charming old town of Cuenca is located in the province of Castilla-La Mancha (region which is known as the birthplace of our famous book of Don Quixote), between Valencia and Madrid. The history of Cuenca goes back as early as the beginning of our era when Celtic warriors settled here. Later, the Romans lived here and finally came the Arabs, from which the city got its name-Kuvenka, (name which has survived to present times). By connecting all these cultures Cuenca gained its own unique look and style.


One of the most beautiful and hospitable towns of Spain. Cuenca is located in the mountains, about a thousand meters above sea level. It is known for its historical attractions and magnificent scenery. The provincial capital of Cuenca is rich in all kinds of entertainment.


During the tour in Cuenca, our English speaking guide in Cuenca will take you to visit the main attractions. In the old town is located – the central square Plaza de Mayor and placed here a Gothic cathedral Catedral de Santa María y San Julián, the Gothic church of San Miguel and watchtower Torre de Mangana. The architecture of the old town is a cultural heritage of the Arabs and Moors. We recommend during the tour of Cuenca also the visit of the new part of the city, visit the monument to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, built on the hill of Cerro del Socorro. It offers a fabulous view of the city. And for a leisurely walk you park perfectly suitable St. Julian’s – the oldest park Cuenca.


Attractions Cuenca can be described indefinitely. However, special attention should be famous Hanging Houses “Casas Colgadas”, located behind the cathedral. They “hang” over the precipice river Huecar. In the past, their homes were a normal part of the architecture and highest of Europe, now here are located a restaurant and a museum of abstract art. “Hanging Houses” – is the presentation postcard of tours in Cuenca.


Book a tour to Cuenca and you will see an unusual architecture, beauty and history of this small green mountainous province will not leave you indifferent. The Tour to Cuenca with our guide will definetly become one of the most amazing impressions during your stay in Spain.

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