Trip in the theatre bus

Trip in the theatre bus


Do you want the medieval Spanish night to be your guide in Madrid? Then take a theatre bus, where the cunning hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha takes a cognitive excursion. The character of one of the most popular novels, Don Alonso Quijano comes back to show the most important points of culture and everyday life of Spaniards, playing the short scenes. For example, the relentless humor of cheerful Spaniards is revealed in the fight of noble night with windmills. Watching the actions of hidalgo, the passengers of theatre bus in Madrid will laugh a lot.

This is a unique theatre adventure, which will help you to learn the main features of Spanish culture from the life of the famous Don Quixote. Both children and adult will like the show of medieval claimants of justice and hearts of fair ladies. 1-hour trip in the theater bus is a perfect family rest.

In the theater bus, the character of Cervantes tells about the folk wisdom and values of Spanish culture, national cuisine, customs and traditions. But how can funny Don Quixote read the lecture?! Of course, he can’t. The knight makes active gestures and argues, involving the passengers in his stories.

National and foreign tourists who want to learn more about Spain must take the bus with Don Quijano. This excursion will be useful for pupils and students. You can order the group excursions (for example, a class trip). Cognitive, but at the same time funny performance can be held in Spanish or English (however, you can understand everything by the mimics and intonation of Don Quixote). His performance is so skilful that the language barrier becomes insignificant- everything finds him interesting and funny.

At the end of performance, every passenger of the theater bus will get a surprise – tasting Toledo marzipan. Don Quixote de la Mancha treats all tourists to the sweet, backed in his small native land (Toledo) for more than twelve centuries. Toledo marzipan is a special delicacy that consists of grated almond, sugar powder and pine nuts. Usually, it has a form of pretzels, cakes or different figures. Toledo marzipan is a perfect souvenir to remember the wonderful trip around Madrid with Don Quixote. And the company “Privet Madrid” will help you arrange your meeting with the medieval character.

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