Trips to Avila

Trips to Avila


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Excursion from Madrid to Avila (6 hours) without time for dinner

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on request

Excursion from Madrid to Avila (8 hours) with time for dinner

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on request

The city of Avila, founded by the Visigoths, is located not far from Madrid. During the trip to Avila you’ll see the local medieval fortress wall, designated by UNESCO as World Heritage Site. The wall, built in the XII century, stretches for 2 km. Its construction is fortified by 88 towers, where the storks make their nests. Avila is unassailable from the south, north and west, as its surrounding walls stand above the escarpments. 9 massive fortress walls (Puerto de San Vicente) protect the city from the east. The road from Los Cuatro Postes to Salamanca opens the spectacular view of the formidable fortifications.


The churches and convents of Avila are associated with the name of reformer of the Catholic Church Teresa de Avila (1515-1582). At the age of 7 she ran away from hom, dreaming to endure martyrdom by the hands of the Moors, but her uncle caught her near the city wall and brought her back home. When she was 19, Teresa went into a convent, but revolted against her order. In 1562 she founded her first convent.

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