Wine tour in Madrid

Wine tour in Madrid


Our wine and gastronomic excursion in the surroundings of Madrid will allow you to enjoy such sorts of wine as “Chardonnay”, “Sauvignon” and “Cabernet”. You can also taste the other sorts of white, pink and red wines, beloved by Spaniards. You must agree that it’s such a pleasure to drink wine from the glasses right in the wine cellars! It is no match for the simple sit-down in cafés, pubs or restaurants. It will allow you to enjoy the perfect taste of malt beverage. You can complete your tasting with such delicious dishes as paella, seafood, traditional ham and seasonal fruits!

Our company works with the famous wine cellars of Toledo and Segovia (Finca Loranque and Martue respectively), where you can try at least three sorts of wine to your taste. Even the most sophisticated gourmets will be satisfied. We should note the wine excursion is combined with a trip to Toledo and (at will) Segovia.

Excursion in Madrid is an endless stream of different impressions! Apart from visiting the gtand palaces, museums and other adventures, it includes tasting the national dishes and drinks. Spain is famous both for its paella, ham and different dishes of “Mediterranean diet” and its drinks, especially wine (which is one of the most popular beverages in the country). The Spaniards master the art of wine-making and prepare the most delicious wines.

Complete your rest with a glass of first-class Spanish wine!

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