Night excursion to Toledo

Night excursion to Toledo


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Night excursion from Madrid to Toledo (6 hours) without dinner

250, 00 €

300, 00 €

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Excursion from Madrid to Toledo (8 hours) with dinner

280, 00 €

350, 00 €

on request


The ancient town-museum of Toledo, located not far from Madrid, is famous for its unique cultural and architectural heritage. Ancient cathedrals, mosques and synagogues in Mudejar style, old castle walls and magnificent palaces – all this and much more expect you during our excursion.

However, at night the city demonstrates all its glory. Narrow medieval streets are attractive and fascinating. Every building wants to reveal its old secrets. The guide in Toledo will lead you through the night city, unveil all its mysteries and tell you the local legends. We’ll walk through the old corners of Toledo, lit only by the lanterns.

During our night excursion, we will visit the Roman baths, admire the magnificent Cathedral and learn a lot about this fantastic city.

You will long remember our excursion to Toledo with our guide!


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