One-day excursion to Toledo and Segovia

One-day excursion to Toledo and Segovia


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Excursion to Toledo + Segovia (9 hours) with time for dinner

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Historical facts and attractions of Toledo

One-day excursion to Toledo and Segovia is a unique opportunity to visit the main attraction of both museum towns in a short time. You will learn a lot about the history and architecture of Toledo and Segovia, plunge into the local color and get unforgettable impressions. Our Russian-speaking guide will tell you everything about the cultural heritage of these cities.

Every tourist visiting Toledo finds himself/herself in the ancient medieval world. During the rule of Romans, Toledo was an impregnable city, as it was located in the hard-to-reach place. After that, the city became the capital of one of the Roman provinces. Later it became the center of Visigoth State. Toledo played an important role in the historical past of Christianity. This city is full of castles, bridges and narrow streets.
Now, a lot of historical attractions of Toledo were included in the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. The brightest sights of the city are western and eastern bridges over the river Tajo, the gates Puerta del Sol that block the entrance to the city part that serves as a fortress. From any place in Toledo, you can see the huge and beautiful castle of Alcazar. It served to the Romans, Arabs, Visigoths and Spanish kings. Another cultural symbol of Toledo is the Cathedral of Saint Mary, built in 1226. It reminds of its religious meaning for the whole Europe. Many churches store the paintings of El Greco the tourists can admire. Together with the guide in Toledo, we will visit the house-museum of El Greco, where you can find a lot of his paintings. The museum is located in the quarter where he lived. Walking through the narrow, twisted and mysterious streets, you can get unforgettable impressions. On your way, you can see many ancient buildings with fancy balconies and arches.


The ancient Castilian city of Segovia is characterized by its unusual location on the rocky plateau called Meseta. Segovia can be called a great open air museum. This city still keeps the atmosphere of the past and the echoes of the Roman, Arab and Visigoth cultures. The guide in Segovia will draw your attention to the beautiful Roman Aqueduct, built 3000 years ago. After that, he will lead you to the main attraction of Segovia– the castle of Alcazar. Royal Palace that served as a prison, academy, fortress and military school, is now a museum, open to the public.


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