One-day excursion to Toledo + Escorial y Valle de Los Caidos

One-day excursion to Toledo + Escorial y Valle de Los Caidos


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Excursion to Toledo + Escorial y Valle de Los Caidos (8 hours)

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Our excursion starts with a trip to Toledo that promises to be unforgettable! During our interesting and eventful one-day tour, our guide will show you the most famous attractions of Toledo and tells you its history. The second part of excursion is devoted to the travel to the castle of Escorial and Valle de Los Caidos.

Toledo is famous as the famous Spanish artist El Greco has lived and worked here. Together with the guide in Toledo, you’ll visit the Museum of El Greco that stores its numerous works. The cultural symbol of Toledo is its Cathedral. In the Middle Ages, it was a gothic church, but it also had the elements of baroque, mudejar and neo-classicism. The most important attraction of Toledo is the castle of Alcazar, which, although it has suffered in numerous wars and fires, now looks exactly like during the rule of Carlos V.


Our excursion will continue with the travel to Escorial and Valle de Los Caidos. The castle of Escorial is located at the foot of Sierra de Guadarrama. Escorial is an edifice of significant size, built in honor of the victory of Spanish troops over the French. The Museum of Escorial stores the collection of paintings of the best Spanish and European artists, and the palace interior includes different panels, tapestries, stained glass windows, crossings and arches. After visiting Escorial, our guide will lead you to the memorial complex “Valle de Los Caidos”, devoted to the victims of the civil war (1936-1939). It is located inside the mountains of Guadarrama, which offers splendid views of the surroundings.


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