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Children’s sports camp in Spain

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Summer starts and brings time of parenting troubles to arrange a good rest for your child. It is important that the child’s summer rest includes not only sun, sea, beach and full relax, but also educational activities. Both second-graders and seniors and college students don’t have to rest too much and forget completely about studying, as after the holidays they’ll have to return to learning and getting new skills. So, the parents must answer the question – how to combine business with pleasure? The company “PrivetMadrid” recommends you to present your child a visit to the camp “Los Alcazares” on the Mar Menor (autonomous region of Murcia, Spain). Murcia is famous for its mild climate, fruit gardens, vegetable plantations and well-groomed beaches. The climate and availability of all tourist facilities allows you to rest here all year round, even in the winter break.

Mar Menor, on the coast of which you can find the spots complex “Los Alcazares” is a large salt lake, remote from the Mediterranean Sea by the narrow sandy and rocky spit La Manga. The average depth of bay is less than two meters, so the water warms deeply and has high concentration of minerals (salt and iodine). Mar Menor is a perfect place for the active rest, family rest and health improvement.

Accommodation and meals

The sports camp “Los Alcazares”, located on the lagoon, is intended for the comfortable accommodation of 190 children (4-6 persons in the room). There are special audiences and halls for classes and entertainments, equipped by the Russian-speaking and specialized monitors. There is also a comfortable dining room and cafeteria and a gym for sports games, football field, swimming pool, small tennis court and treadmill. The young fans of swimming and diving will be interested in the sailing school, while the lovers of such aristocratic game as golf can practice in the camp field, located on the 60-hectar square on the shore of the salt lake.

As for the food, every day the visitors of “Los Alcazares” get the balanced menu, developed by the dieticians. They have four meals a day – breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner. As Murcia is famous for its vegetables, grown without any chemicals, the diet is focused on different fresh salads. As for the local cuisine, most dishes are based on rice and meat, for example meat pies (Pastel de Carne). If your child requires special diet, you should point it in the questionnaire, and the experts will create a special menu considering all your wishes.

The cost of the tour includes: 

  • Living in the comfortable campus and full board (14 days, 13 nights).
  • The course of golf for beginners or water sports (at your choice, the classes last 8 days). Necessary materials and equipment for the classes.
  • 15 lessons of Spanish/English (50 minutes each) with the native speaker.
  • Entertainments in your spare time: circle, outdoor and intellectual games, festivities, theatre and two excursions.
  • Shift change is celebrated with a farewell party and disco.

Golf: the course for beginners 

If your child dreams to learn to play golf, the complex “Los Alcazares” has the most favorable conditions for it. The course for beginners includes learning the basic rules of the game and the etiquette of the golfer. After the theory comes the practice: young player will learn how to grip the stick right, master the main swing, sending the ball to the long and short distances, blows and stalemates.

Sailing classes

If your child is fond of water sports, you should send him/her to the 8-day course of sailing, windsurfing, canoe and snorkeling. Firstly, you will learn basic maneuvers: crew position, mooring, undocking and drifting. During the windsurfing classes, the students will know the main kinds of sailing boats, learn how to rule it and keep the balance. After that, the children will learn how to carry and get in the canoe or kayak, put on the life jacket and row in the water. And “for dessert” you will learn snorkeling (how to watch the inhabitants of the sea on the monitors).

Language lessons

The language training program consists of 15 classes. After the written test and an interview with a teacher are divided into the groups according to their language level. In the group for English improvement (from 1 person), the classes are taught by the Englishman or American. Spanish group (from 10 people, maximum – 15 students). During the classes, the children will talk to the native speakers, ask questions and get answers. So, children learn to speak foreign language in their everyday life, which is more effective than the methods of education at school or in college. This language course will be interesting for the pupils and students who want to speak Spanish or English perfectly.

Sections, games and entertainments in the afternoon

After the main activities before lunch (golf or kayak) and language practice, the afternoon is intended for recreation. In the outdoor, children can play beach volleyball, basketball, football, mini-tennis, do aerobics, archery and hockey in the hall. The fans of quiet rest can visit different sections: making the carnival masks, Indian huts, dream catchers and key chains. After the dinner, you can take part in the intellectual and educational games, contest, masquerades and theatre performances.


During the two week holiday, two days will be devoted to the excursions. You will spend the whole day in the water park of Murcia, and another day- in the ancient city of Cartagena, Ash Mountain and National Museum of Underwater Archaeology. Today, Cartagena is a large commercial port and naval base. The old quarter is located on the shore of the natural bay. At the Central Square of the harbor (on the stand), you can find the first submarine, lowered into the Mediterranean Sea.

The company “PrivetMadrid” guarantees the quality of rest and study in the camp “Los Alcazares”. We offer living, food and educational courses in the center on the coast of Mar Menor (visa and plane tickets are prepared by the parents; the organized groups of children are accompanied by two adults for free). The warm sunny weather, fine sand beaches, landscapes, salt lakes, sandbanks are endless fruit gardens- that’s what attracts tourists to Murcia.


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