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Delivery of living butterflies all over Spain

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It’s no secret that both adults and children like to give and receive presents. Making surprise for your loved ones, we wish that they like it and make a feast day glad and memorable. There are many traditions, rituals and beliefs about what one should give as a present.

First of all, the present must be original. Don’t give people another perfume or kit of cosmetics they probably have. It will be a real surprise to give a living creature, for example butterflies! They keep many secrets and legends. It is believed that if you make a wish and let them fly, it will certainly become a reality.

“Gift” butterflies are put in the special box. When you give the present, the box will open and see these gentle and beautiful creatures, pleasing the eye of birthday person and his/her guests. The butterflies will feel the atmosphere with fun and joy, and at the end of the day you can take them with you in special envelopes.

If you order a large amount of butterflies, we can give you great discounts. Don’t miss the chance to give a unique present you will always remember!


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