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Excursions to 3 cities: Toledo+Segovia+Escorial

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  • Tours of one day from Madrid
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Want to visit the most famous surroundings of Madrid, but don’t have time? Use our new offer “One-day excursion to Toledo + Segovia + Escorial”. During one day, we will visit all three cities that will allow you to save time and spend it productively and with pleasure.

Our excursion starts with the beautiful Toledo– the ancient capital of Spain and the homeland of Don Quixote, famous character of Cervantes. Toledo is famous for its unique and unusual architecture, as at various times the city was populated by the Goths, Moors and Arabs. Most cathedrals, churches and mosques of the city have preserved in perfect condition, which contributed to its inscription on the UNESCO’s World Heritage in 1986. We will visit the most famous attractions of Toledo – ancient Cathedral, house-museum of El Greco, where the great artist lived and created, and the castle of Alcazar, built during the rule of Carlos V.

After that, we will visit one of the oldest and the most beautiful cities of Spain- Segovia. Segovia also has a rich history and keeps many assets of different times and cultures. We will see the famous Roman Aqueduct, considered the longest in the world, and the beautiful castle of, which have served as a prototype for Cinderella’s castle in the Walt Disney Park. The guide will also show you the ancient Cathedral, built in the style of late Gothic.

Our travel will ends with a visit to Escorial. We will go to the famous castle-monastery Escorial, built in honor of the victory of King Phillip’s II army over the French forces. There is a museum inside the palace, where you can see the beautiful pictures, many paintings and tapestries. If you’ll have time, the guide will lead you to the memorial monument called “Valley of the Fallen”, which was built by the order of Franco to honor the great soldiers, the victims of the civil war.

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