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One-day excursion to the castles and palaces of Madrid

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  • Tours of one day from Madrid
  • Madrid surrounding
  • 10 hours


Castles and palaces are the main attractions of Spain. No one excursion can be full without their visiting. No wonder, as these are the places that had witnessed history. Only here you can feel and “participate” in the greatest events that took place in one or another age. Make your dream come true– feel yourself a real prince or princess, king or queen, walking slowly through the king’s chamber! We will help you to decide which of many castles of Spain deserve special attention.

The first two castles we offer you to visit form the main part of excursion (and the third one is your choice):

  • Castle Mendoza in Manzanares el Real. It is located no far from Madrid on the river with the same name (Manzanares). The history of this castle started 6 centuries ago, when the King Juan I of Castile gave the lands to his loyal subordinate Pedro Gonzalez de Mendoza. Later his son, Diego Hurtado de Mendoza, built the first castle in the place of the current Manzanares el Real (which, unfortunately, hadn’t been preserved until our days). The castle was restored and renewed only at the beginning of the XX century. In 1977, it opened the doors to the public.
  • The next castle we’ll visit is Alcazar de Segovia – one of the most popular castles in Spain. The first mention of it dates back to the XII century. As Alcazar survived many different eras and kings, it often changed its look and purpose. The castle served as the fortress, State Prison and Royal Academy. The interior decoration of Alcazar consists of the Fireplace Hall, Throne Hall, King’s Hall and Weapon Hall, each of which is beautiful and unique in its own way.


The third castle we’ll visit is your choice– Castle Coca, Castle Turegano, Castle Cuellar or Castle Pedraza. 

  •  Castle Coca is located in the small city of Coca (the province of Segovia) and represents a model of unique architectural style “mudejar”, characteristic for many Spanish fortresses. The castle is made of brick and looks like an impregnable fortress. However, Castle Coca has its own grace and beauty.
  •  Castle Turegano is also located in Segovia. Its main attraction is the church Iglesia de San Miguel, situated inside the castle. During its long history, Turegano served as a castle, fortress and prison.
  •  The medieval Castle Cuellar was built in Segovia in the XI century. As all the above-mentioned castles, it survived many ages and transformations,- from the fortress and hospital to the sanatorium for the prisoners. However, unlike many other castles, it was barely used for defensive purposes. The castle served mostly for the numerous celebrations and important historical events.
  •  Castle Pedraza is located in a small city with the same name (45 km from Segovia) and is its main attraction many tourists want to visit. Castle Pedraza that was a Roman and Arab fortress is now a museum. Both an interior and exterior of the castle preserved in good condition and invites the tourists all year round.

Beautiful castles and palaces of Spain are waiting for you! Don’t miss the chance to plunge into the atmosphere of luxury and magnificence of Spanish monarchy.

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