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Prado Museum & Royal Palace

from/per person 230
  • Museum tours
  • 4 hours
  • Museums


What will you see on our Tours of the Royal Palace?

    • Visit to the Royal Palace.
    • Gasparini Hallу.
    • Main Official Reception Stairs.
    • Throne Room
    • Bedroom Charles III.
    • Treasure Room.
    • Royal Collections, like Musical Instruments Antonio Stradivarius.
    • Paints like Goya.
    • Royal Armoury.
  • What will you see on our Tours of the Prado Museum?

    • Spanish Artists like Goya, El Greco, Velazquez, Ribera, Murillo, Zurbarán and others belonging to the Golden Century.
    • Italian Art (Boticelli, Rafael,Tiziano, Tintoretto, Veronese or Bassano).
    • Flemmish Art (Artists like — Weyden, Memling, Brueghel, Van Dyck).
    • Also very nich Sculptures.
    • Аnd many other more Paintings exposed at this extraordinary Museum.
    • Meeting point: Hotel / any other place convenient for client
    • Start Time: according to the interests of our clients (we recommend between 09:00/10:00am)
    • Duration: 4 hours, 2 hours Royal Palace + 2 hours The Prado Museum
    • Transportation: No car needed
    • The price includes: guiding Services and car
    • There are not included: diets, Entrances to Museums.
    • Price for the Tours: 1 – 4 pax. 200 €
    • Price for the Tours: 5 – 8 pax. 250 €
    • Price for the Tours: 9 – 52 pax.  470 €
  • Royal Palace: 13 € pax + 1,20 € AudioGuide
  • The Prado Museum: 15,50 € pax + 1 € AudioGuide

    • Staring Meeting Point

      To visit this unique Royal Palace we will meet at the beautiful Orient Square which is located at the oriental side of this huge Palace. The Square is easy to recognize as has a nice Garden and in the middle we will meet a sculpture that honours our King Philippe IV. The dimensions of this Building are impressive as has more than 134 square meters and more than 3400 rooms. We can be proud that is the largest one in Europe, almoust double size Versailles and bigger than Buckingham Palace. Altough the most important facts are the Insides. With a valuable historical art objects of antiquity – murals, paintings, sculptures, as well as furnishings and collections are presented here to the enjoyment of all our visitors.

      Inside the palace: luxurious decoration and many rare works of art that have survived to our present times. We can for sure say that the palace is for itself a Museum of art.

      Ground Floor – here is located the Royal Library, founded in the 18th century. With many old books and manuscripts. On this floor we also have the royal pharmacy, which has been preserved since the King Alfonso XII at the end of the 19th century. Here are also the kitchens of our kings occupied by a large area and renovated in 2017. However, most important Area in this floor is the Royal Armoury. Together with the one in Viena this one is the second richest in Europe.

      First floor – to get here we wil access through the Royal main Stairs made of granite and marble. Decorated with frescoes and statues of lions. Gasparini Hall is one of the most magnificent rooms of the Palace, its decorations and insides provoque the delight of all Visitors.

      Our Throne Hall is still now the current one used for our Kings on official receptions.

      The crown hall was the personal chamber of Queen Maria Christina – a crown of gilded silver and a scepter of rock crystal is exposed at the Center.

      The Royal Palace personifies magnificent historical monuments, beeing proud of the wealth and greatness of our Spanish Monarchy.

    • Prado Museum Tour

      The painting Collections were mainly done under by three Spanish kings from the Habsburg dynasty. Paintings that formed the basis of the Prado Museum. 1) Charles I revered the beautiful and collected paintings of the Italian Renaissance – the painters like Tiziano or Raphael.

      2) The King Philip II continued the traditions of his ancestors and replenished the collection of works composed by Tiziano, Hans Memling, Rubens. 3) The painter at the court of Philip IV was Diego Velazquez. Almost all his paints are also the basis of the Prado Collection. In addition, Velazquez provided services to the king in the selection of art collection and restorations. In Italy, the paintings of Tintoretto, Veronese were bought at this time. At the sale of paintings by the English monarchs, were purchased the “Self-portrait” by Albrecht Durer and “Assumption of the Virgin” by Andea Mantenvi. The Prado Museum in its collection also has paintings made for the Spanish court like the Three Kings of Orient by Peter Rubens.

      Currently, the Prado National Museum of Painting has more than three thousand paintings. The gallery presents the works of Spanish masters: El Greco, Velazquez, Goya. The works of the European school are represented by masters like: Raphael, Titian, Veronese, Tintoretto, Bosch, Rubens or Poussin. The collection of the museum includes more than 350 sculptures. The graphic department also presents 4,000 drawings, most famous ones are mainly made by Goya.

      The Madrid Art Museums are worldwide known for the excellent preservation and the quality of the Collections. The warm and dry climate of Spain makes possible to store the works of art in ideal conditions. Such conditions in other countries can only be achieved using special equipment..

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