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Of course, every parent wants to please their children and give them all the best. This is particularly true for the kid’s parties. Russian animator in Madrid is ready to arrange the unforgettable birthday (or any other celebration) for your child!

We offer you the following services: decoration of premises, organization of celebrations, preparation of the scenarios and the Russian-speaking animator as the children’s entertainer.

One of the essential conditions for the excellent children’s party is bright and cheerful hall decoration. We will decorate the place of celebration with different balloons, bright confetti and prepare the unusual surprises in the form of special effects and dynamic shows.

For the smallest children, we prepared the huge dolls of characters of their favorite cartoons and movies, bubble show and even chocolate fountain!!! This is a dream of any kid!

Older children can participate in the quests and enjoy different shows (at your discretion). You can choose between the performances of magicians, illusionists, etc.

Don’t miss the chance to order the kid’s party in Madrid. Russian-speaking animator in Madrid will make your child the most unforgettable event of his/her childhood!

Bubble show for the kid’s birthday in Madrid

As they say, children are the flowers of our lives. And, of course, they deserve the best. Feast are especially important for children; they like celebrations and wait for them anxiously. Russian-speaking animator in Madrid is ready to arrange the best party for your child and prepare many surprises for him/her, including the unusual bubble show!

The party will be “decorated” with the usual and giant bubbles you child can easily fit in! Such show is perfect for a large number of visitors, as no one child will be left unattended – there are enough bubbles and fun for everybody! Another advantage of the party is that the small guests can finally distract from the tablets and TVs and spend time actively – running and jumping!

Bubble show is a real fairytale. Conveniently, you can arrange it both in the open air and indoors. Such feasts can unite children and adults (as even they can’t resist the magic of bubble show) for excellent rest. Besides, the price of such event is quite reasonable. The great advantage of bubble show is that special bubbles leaves no traces on the clothes and are safe for children.

Don’t miss your chance to order the bubble show for the kid’s birthday! Russian-speaking animator in Madrid will make your child’s party fabulous!

Chemical show for the kid’s party and birthday

Every parent wants to make his/he child’s party unique and unforgettable, as children are most precious and dear to us. If your child is very curious and has a thirst for the new knowledge and discoveries, we offer you to order the chemical show for the kid’s party!

Such show includes really exciting elements– fountain of Coca Cola, disappearing ink, water of life, etc. These are not boring card tricks, but real magic that can leave no one indifferent!

Remember that this program is intended not for the smallest children but for the kids aged from 5-6 years old. Your child can not just watch but also participate directly in the experiments!

Russian-speaking animator in Madrid guarantees full security during the show (and full cleanliness after the show, as our team will clean up after the party). You won’t have to worry about anything; just watch the delight of your child and his/her friends!

Chemical show for the kid’s party is an excellent present! Russian-speaking animator in Madrid will make this birthday the best in his/her life!

Magicians for the kid’s part in Madrid

We all want to make our children’s birthday the best and the most unforgettable. Parents want turn the children’s party into a fairytale, adding a bit of magic! All you need is to order a magician for the kid’s party in Madrid.

Our magicians are the real professionals. They know how to make your child believe in the miracle and impress him/her. Both children and adults will like the incredible special effects and fantastic illusions.

Children genuinely believe in magic, and this show will help them to make sure it’s real! Fabulous world of illusion is waiting for you!

Our program includes such trick as disappearing vase, flying stick, rain of coins, the trick with handkerchiefs, etc. As our magicians are real experts, the show will be held at the highest level. Moreover, the cost of this even will pleasantly surprise you.

Don’t miss the chance the order the magician for your party. Russian-speaking animator in Madrid will help you to organize the best birthday for your child!

Balloons in Madrid

Balloons are an integral part of any party! No one celebration (wedding, birthday or prom) is possible without them. The decoration of festive hall also starts with blowing up the balloons. Both adults and children like them (but the latter more, of course). Children are watching the flight of balloon with enthusiasm, and it brings them a lot of pleasure. If you want to make your child’s party unforgettable, you should order the decoration with balloons. Russian-speaking animator in Madrid will provide the balloons of different forms, colors and size (and even the balloons in the form of flowers and animals) for the party. In our company you can choose the brightest and the most colorful balloons for your party at a good price.

Decoration with balloons is a great opportunity to make your kid’s birthday fabulous and unforgettable. Russian-speaking animator in Madrid will help you to organize the best party!

Giant dolls in Madrid

Birthday is the most expected holiday for the child! Of course, adults want to make this day the best and the most unforgettable. Who do you think the child wants to see most at the party? Of course, the characters of his/her favorite movies and cartoons!

Your kid will meet such characters as Sponge Bob, Pink Panter, Masha and the Bear, etc. Children welcome the characters of their favorite fairy-tales and cartoons, convinced they’re real.

When such celebrities visit you, the birthday of your child will turn into a fairy-tale! Giant dolls are dancing, organize competitions and have fun. No one will be able to stay aside; everyone will have fun.

Our staff will entertain the birthday boy/girl and his/her guests the whole day, and no one will get tired or bored! We choose only the brightest and the most fabulous costumes, and our animators will make the favorite characters alive, cheerful and communicative!

Besides, we can also organize the photo shoot to capture this bright event and make the child’s picture with his/her favorite character. Russian-speaking animator in Madrid will turn your child into a fairy-tale!

Order the cake in Madrid

Child’s birthday is the main holiday of the year! They use everything to make it unforgettable – balloons, decorations, candles, sweets… However, one of the main elements of the holiday is, of course, cake! Children’s cake must be not only sweet and tasty, but also bright, beautiful and unique!

Baking the cake for children’s parties, the confectioners try to demonstrate all their skills and creativity. Making decorations and stuffing, they consider the wishes and preferences of the small client, as someone likes fresh fruit, and someone else – candied fruit. Someone prefers condensed milk, and someone else – custard. Ready-made cakes are not the best option for the child, as you must be sure that the sweet contains only the freshest and the most qualitative ingredients.

Ordering the cake in Madrid is the best solution for your party, as you can choose any ingredients, decoration, color, shape and size. You can even order the cake in the form of the favorite fairytale character of your child. Anyway, it’s the only chance to make your child’s cake better and don’t disappoint him/her!

Don’t miss the chance to order the cake from the best confectioners in Madrid! Your cake will please your small birthday boy/girl and his/her guests!

Clowns in Madrid

Child’s birthday must be really exciting and unforgettable! However, it is difficult to engage the child and impress him/her … Who can handle it? Of course, Clown! Always cheerful and adventurous, laughing and naughty, he can cheer any child!

You can order the clown to your house, kindergarten or open-air event. Clown can lighten any atmosphere and cheer both several and several dozens of kids. Such animators in Madrid will leave only the light memories.

Ordering the clown, you also get funny competitions and relay races (with the favorite sweets of your child as a main prize). The animator in Madrid will choose the best competitions considering the age and preferences of your child and his/her friends.

The cost of ordering the clown in Madrid is also individual (depending on the number of guests). But the joy and happiness on your child’s face are more precious than anything!

Don’t miss the chance to order the clown in Madrid! Make your child’s birthday an exciting adventure!

Salutes and fireworks in Madrid

Organizing the cheerful birthday for your kid is a difficult task. Balloons, clowns and magicians, animators, birthday cake… However, everything is planned, but something’s missing! What? Of course, the worthy end of the party in the form of salutes and fireworks!

Firework will be the brightest end of the great party! It can be just a few strikes or a real show with the fireworks in the form of different figures and musical accompaniment. Neither adults nor children can leave indifferent to the salutes.

There are several kinds of fireworks: 1) the simplest – ground. Using such firework, you can write the name and age of your child or draw any figure with fire; 2) park firework – salute at low attitude, very similar to the first option; 3) high-altitude salute – the common firework show in the sky. Such firework will give the children the greatest pleasure!

The cost of service depends on the type and duration of firework. However, each of them will be the perfect end of the party and please your child!

Order salutes and fireworks in Madrid, and make your children’s birthday a fairy-tale!

Chocolate fountain

Every parent wants to make the child’s birthday unique and unforgettable! What is the main element of the party? Of course, the favorite sweets of your child! Cake is present at every party, but we always want to add something special, some punch line… such as a chocolate fountain!

Your child and his guests will get real pleasure from this dessert. Besides, the chocolate contains only the high-quality ingredients, so the adults don’t have to worry about the child’s health and well-being. Take the berry or piece of fruit, dip it in the chocolate and feel its wonderful taste … Impossible to resist!

Don’t worry about the temperature of the drink. Chocolate won’t be too hot – the temperature in the fountain won’t be high, but optimal for such kind of dessert. The cost of service will pleasantly surprise you, and your child will get a lot of pleasure from such present!

Don’t miss the chance to order your birthday in Madrid and make your feast the sweetest!

Sand show in Madrid

We all want to make our children’s birthday fabulous and unique! Cake, clowns, and balloons – it’s all good, but children want something special… Sand show can become this punch line!

Animator in Madrid can draw on the sand any scene from the cartoon, movie or even life – everything you want! Such show is suitable for the birthday, New Year and event adult party!

Such show is a perfect chance to recreate the best experiences from the child’s life. Sand show is the best choice for both adult’s and kid’s birthday, as the sand allows you to create any pictures.

The cost of sand show is quite reasonable, and you will get a lot of pleasure! You can endlessly admire the sand pictures.

Order the sand show in Madrid and give your child real joy. Animator in Madrid will make your child’s birthday the most original and unforgettable!


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