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The dream of being an owner of real estate in Madrid becomes a reality with “PrivetMadrid”! According to the experts of real estate markets, now it’s the best time to buy the house in Spain. An increase in property prices in Spain stopped a few years ago; the attractive objects started to getting cheap, and now their price reached minimum. According to the realtors, next year the prices will rise again, so you should hurry up and buy an apartment in Madrid, Barcelona or one of the shores of the Mediterranean.

Experts have calculated that in coming years the numbers of citizens of Russia, Ukraine and other countries of Northern Europe that own the real estate in Spain will exceed полутора миллион. The investment in apartments and villas in Spain will be the most profitable in the medium-to-long term (2-3 years).

What factors make Spain attractive in terms of buying apartments and houses? Firstly, comparatively low cost of real estate and affordability of housing (including elite). Secondly, mild climate and long resort season – 260-285 sunny days a year. Thirdly, the advantageous location of houses on the Mediterranean coast, which stretched for 1000 miles. The most popular tourist coasts are Costa Brava (Wild coast), Costa Blanca (White coast) and Costa del Sol (Sunny coast). Fourthly, the developed infrastructure, even in rural and mountainous areas: smooth roads, uninterrupted railway and air communication, many cultural entertainments, golf courses, etc. Purchase and sale of real estate in Spain is a profitable investment, guaranteed rest at any time of the year and the ability of living in the European country.

The company “PrivetMadrid” offers a wide range of real estate in Spain – apartments, new houses, holiday homes and villas. First of all, you should consider the purchase of real estate on the coast of Spain, in Catalonia, Andalusia, Valencia, Murcia and Madrid.

Real estate in Barcelona. Houses in Costa Brava

Real estate in Catalonia attracts with the territorial proximity to the French Riviera and Andorra. The climate in Costa Brava and Costa Dorada is wetter than in the other regions of the country, and in summer it’s never too hot. This locality is famous for the clean air, as there are many coniferous forests in Catalonia.

You can live in the apartment in one of the world’s most beautiful cities- Barcelona, or profitably rent it. The main advantage of your own apartment in Barcelona is comfort and privacy. Many architectural sights and museums, good climate and proximity to the other European countries provide constant tourist arrival. The rent of apartment in Barcelona will be the most profitable in summer, during peak tourist periods.

The capital of Catalonia has a developed transport infrastructure: it has the airport and railway station, highways and high-speed autobahns in perfect conditions. The most expensive apartments are located in the business district “Les Corts” with the famous football stadium “Camp Nou”. The cost of houses in the new districts of Barcelona is very democratic.

Real estate in Costa Blanca

The Spanish regions Valencia and Murcia are characterized by the most affordable cost of real estate. Costa Blanca (including the resort towns of Alicante, Torrevieja, Benidorm) offers the houses of different categories.

Mild tropic climate, warm sea, salt lakes and picturesque nature attracts the vacationers to the south-east coast of Costa Blanca. Apart from the hot-water springs of Costa Blanca, tourists admire the green mountains and theme park. The rocks on the coast add color to the sandy and pebble beaches. Costa Blanca has the most favorable conditions for rest, sports and entertainments. To buy the house in Costa Blanca means to guarantee the comfort of living and regular income.

Real estate in Costa del Sol

Andalusia is washed by Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. The local landscapes combine sea waves, mountaintops and pine forests. In Costa del Sol, you can find such popular tourist centers (with equal temperature all year round) – Malaga, Marbella, Estepona and Benahavis. The other popular real estate is located in Costa Tropical and Almeria.

All along the coast, you can buy elite houses, cheap apartments or villas from developers. This region has developed infrastructure, service sector and cultural relevance. In Granada, you can visit the magnificent palace complex Alhambra. The fans of active rest will appreciate the advantages of ski resort Sierra Nevada. Spanish culture is revealed in the historic corrida in Rondo and flamenco festival in Sevilla. You can get from the Madrid railway station вокзал to Malaga in 2.5 hours by the comfortable high-speed train.

Apartments in Madrid

Real estate in the central and northern regions of Spain, remote from the sea coast, is attractive for the business people and those who’re interested in culture and history of Spain. Apartment in Madrid is necessary for the people who want to run their business in the capital of Spain or any other European country. It is also profitable to rent a house in Madrid.

We will orient you in the types of houses, offered for sale in the capital of Spain. The most popular houses are apartments, studios and chalets. The flat has kitchen, living room, bedroom (one or several) and bathroom. Studio is a budget option, optimal for living; studio has combined kitchen, bedroom and living room. The apartment is characterized by small square (mostly located in the tourist centers of Madrid); it is perfect for living during the resort season. Chalet is a small house or cottage with a household plot.

Living in Madrid has infinite advantages: profitable shopping, high-quality food and exquisite Spanish cuisine, developed transportation network, high-level public health care, low crime rate and rich city life. Owning the real estate in Madrid will bring you only profit.

The company “PrivetMadrid” provides all services, necessary for the profitable and safe deal on the real estate market of Spain:

– analysis of the market offers and help in choosing the flat (apartment, house);

– complete support during the process of purchase and sale;

– help in the registration of the transaction.

Our company managed to prove itself on the real estate market of Spain; the developers, banks, house owners and buyers trust us. We work without intermediaries. Contact “PrivetMadrid”, and we will immediately start to choose the house in Spain taking into account your wishes, preferences and financial capacity.


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