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Tour 1 Full Day Segovia + Escorial

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  • Tours of one day from Madrid
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Welcome to the one-day excursion to Segovia+Escorial and Valle de los Caidos (Valley of the Fallen)! At the time of our trip you’ll find out much new about these ancient cities, visit the most famous places of interest and get a lot of new impressions. With our guide, thoroughly familiar with the history and architecture of Spain, you’ll certainly never get bored!

The beginning of route in Segovia

One-day excursion starts with a journey to the beautiful city of Segovia, located on the rocky plateau at the confluence of two rivers. A lot of monuments of different ages and cultures have kept in Segovia. One of them, Acueducto de Segovia (Roman Aqueduct in Segovia), is the longest in the world. The guide will also show you a wonderful castle Alcazar. Because of its beauty it became a prototype of famous Cinderella’s castle in the Walt Disney Park. Since the middle of last century Alcazar has been transformed into the museum. During our tour we’ll miss the opportunity to visit a well-known Cathedral in Segovia, situated near the castle Alcazar. The interior of cathedral is built in the style of gothic. It is equal in beauty and popularity to the fabulous Alcazar.


The end of excursion to Escorial

We will devote the afternoon to the excursion to Escorial and Valle de los Caidos (Valley of the Fallen). The palace-convent and royal residence Escorial is located at the bottom of a mountain. The palace always strikes the visitors with its grandeur. It was built in honor of the victory of Spanish troops over the French. In the museum of Escorial you’ll see the pictures of the best Spanish painters. The most impressive elements of the castle interior are tapestry, panels, stained-glass windows and arches. After a visit to the royal residence our guide will lead us to the memorial complex “Valle de los Caidos” (Valley of the Fallen). This monument of architecture is devoted to the victims of civil war. The memorial complex was built by order of Francisco Franco with the purpose to immortalize a great deed of soldiers.


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