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Tour to Santiago Bernabeu

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Madrid is not only a geographical capital of Spain, but also a football capital of the world and a witness of triumphs and defeats of two legendary clubs with more than a 100-year history- “Real Madrid” and “Atletico de Madrid”.

A tour of “Santiago Bernabeu”

The second largest stadium of Spain (after the “Camp Nou”) is the home arena of the royal club. Sometimes the national football team play matches here. UEFA gave the arena, accommodating an audience of 80 thousands, the highest category of quality. The small playing-field was built in 1947 on the initiative of Santiago Bernabeu, the president of “Real” of that time. By the way, during the years of his leadership the team won six cups of European champions and a lot of inland trophies, which you can see in the Hall of Trophies. With time, a small stadium turned into the huge sports arena. It was called after the wise president Bernabeu.

The football lovers and fans of “Real”, ordering the tour, can walk about the stadium and its inside almost daily. The stadium is opened to the public every day except the 25th of December (Christmas) and the 1st of January (New Year).

The excursion starts with taking of the four panoramic lifts to the upper level. The visitors can see a well-groomed playing-field and numerous rows of the stands for spectators. It is easy to imagine how the stadium burns with emotions during the matches, how the 80 thousands of violent football fans support their favorite team, the waves of people’s hands roll about the stands, the flags and faces show the symbols of “Real”. This picture catches your breath, and it becomes clear why football is called “the game of millions”.

VIP-loge and the changing rooms of players of “Real Madrid”

After walking about the stands, it is high time to see the presidential loge. The tourists can feel the comfort of leather chairs, where the president of club and the VIP-guests (such as politicians, famous sportsmen, singers and actors) usually sit. From the luxurious lodge you can pass to the players’ changing rooms. The home team’s changing room is closed for the visit, but the fans will be able to see the guests’ changing room, which is an exact copy of “Real Madrid” apartments.

Playing field and the bench of “Real Madrid”

After the changing rooms, the guide leads the visitors of “Santiago Bernabeu” to the huge playing field with the size is 106X70 m. Here you can see the technical area, including a few benches (with the capaciousness of 22 people), equipped with the heating. Sitting on the bench, you can imagine yourself as a player, waiting for the coacher’s sign to go to the field. You should necessarily take memory photos and stroke the smooth grass of the famous football arena.

The Hall of Trophies of “Real Madrid”

Walking the field along the path where the players stretch their legs and the North stand, you’ll get to the Hall of Trophies. “Real Madrid” is a winner of 9 European Cups, 29 Champion League Cups, 3 Intercontinental Cups and the Super Cup of Europe. All the champion trophies of the royal club stand in a row. The three screens put repeats of best playing moments of grand finals.

You can stay long near the Wall of Fame. Here you can see the photos of all footballers of “Real Madrid” since 1902. The central place of exposition is assigned to the actual team composition. There are full-scale photos of players, so that everyone can stand side by side with the superstars.

The company store of “Real Madrid” souvenirs

The finishing point of our route is the official souvenir shop of the team “Area Real Madrid” with a broad assortment of goods. Nobody can leave the store without buying a memorable T-shirt, mug or keychain with the emblem of the royal club.

The museum of club “Atletico”

There is another famous football team in Madrid called “Atletico”. It was established 103 years ago. More than a thousand objects concerned with the history of club and relating about the evolution of Spanish football are represented in the Museum at the stadium “Vicente Calderon”. Champion trophies, personalized T-shirts, collections of football boots, old tickets and club IDs, flags and statues of players are exposed in the apartment with the area of 450 square meters. The establishing of museum was charged to the famous sports collector Pablo Ornaque, who has opened such temples of history before- The Olympic Museum in Athens and the Museum of Club “Barcelona”. Mr. Ornaque exhibits from his personal collection to the museum “Atletico Madrid”.

Madrid is not only a geographical capital of Spain, but also a football capital of the world and a witness of triumphs and defeats of two legendary clubs with more than a 100-year history- “Real Madrid” and “Atletico de Madrid”.


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