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Trips to Segovia

from/per group 270
  • Madrid surrounding
  • 6 / 8 hours
  • By card / Cash
  • Licensed guide
  • Museums
  • Transport

Гид по сеговии

Римский акведук в Сеговии

Римский акведук в Сеговии

Собор в Сеговии

Кафедральный собор Сеговии

Экскурсия по Сеговии

Королевский дворец в Сеговии

Алькасар в Сеговии

Дворец в Сеговии

Алькасар Сеговии (прототип Диснеевского замка)

Restaurante en Madrid

Guide in Segovia

Cochinillo Segoviano


What will you see on our Tours of Segovia?

  • Aqueduct of Segovia
  • The majestic Gothic cathedral of Segovia
  • Alcazar of Segovia
  • Meeting point: Hotel / any other place convenient for client
  • Start Time: according to the interests of our clients (we recommend between 09:00/10:00am)
  • Duration: 6 / 8 hours
  • Transportation: confortable cars
  • The price includes: guiding Services and car
  • There are not included: diets, Entrances to Museums
  • Price for the Tours: 1 – 4 pax. 6 / 8 hours 270 / 300 €
  • Price for the Tours: 5 – 8 pax. 6 / 8 hours 310 / 350
  • Price for the Tours: 9 – 52 pax.  8 hours 870 €
  • The majestic Gothic cathedral of Segovia: 3,00 € per person
  • Alcazar of Segovia: 5,50 € per person


    During our trip to Segovia you will see that this beautiful country looks as if it has saddled the mountain ledge, washed by the rivers Eresma and Clamores. The castle, restored after the fire, rises on the hill above the city.

  • Aqueduct of Segovia

    This is the most important heritage from the Roman’s left on our Country. Is so incredible built that there are many different legends of how the Devil helped to construct it. You will have the feeling that you can see his fingerprints on the stones. Locals says that he pulled them with ropes up to make it possible.

    The Tour will be with one of Guides of Segovia and we will listen to local legends about this ancient Monument.

    Regardless of legends, this aqueduct in Segovia would be interesting without mysticism. It is enough to mention that it is listed by UNESCO as a monument of architecture of the first century AD. Moreover, a grandiose structure of more than 20,400 blocks of granite, 166 arches, 18 kilometers long, built without cement, can carry out its functions to this day. From its 28-meter height. Other sights of Segovia are also clearly visible, which we will consider during a further excursion for curious tourists.

  • The majestic Gothic cathedral of Segovia

    The majestic Gothic cathedral of Segovia, whose building began in 1525, was consecrated in 1678. The previous church was destroyed in 1520 during the rebellion of Castille cities. Only the inner gallery kept safe. The broaches, high counterforts, bell tower and the dome of the new building looks impressive and contrasts with the lightness of the interior, underlined by the high arches.

  • Alcazar of Segovia

    The guide in Segovia will tell you that the first record of Alcazar dates to the XII century. Its battlements and peak roves tower over the cliffs, making the castle look like a fabulous vision. In 1862 the medieval buildings were destroyed by fire. Later on, the castle was restored, however, it lost its original appear. There is a Museum of ancient weapons inside the palace halls.


    In Segovia, you must definitely try the traditional suckling pig and understand why they do a whole ritual of cutting it with a ceramic plate.



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