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Trips to Toledo

from/per group 270
  • Madrid surrounding
  • 6 / 8 hours
  • Museums
  • Transfer from hotel

Gid v Toledo

Panorama Toledo

Tour in Toledo

Trip to Toledo

Synagogue of Transito

Синагога Трансито и музей Сефардов

El Greco Santo Tome

El Greco Toledo

Гид в Толедо Игнасио
Tour in Toledo


What will you see on our Tours of Toledo??

  • Fantastic panorama view – Mirador Hotel Parador Toledo
  • The Cathedral of Toledo
  • The Iglesia de Santo Tomé
  • Jewish Quarter
  • The Synagogue of El Tránsito and Sefardi Museum
  • El Museo del Greco (por petición)
  • Meeting point: Hotel / any other place convenient for client
  • Start Time: according to the interests of our clients (we recommend between 09:00/10:00am)
  • Duration: 6 / 8 hours
  • Transportation: confortable cars
  • The price includes: guiding Services and car
  • There are not included: diets, Entrances to Museums
  • Price for the Tours: 1 – 4 pax. 6 / 8 hours 270 / 300 €
  • Price for the Tours: 5 – 8 pax. 6 / 8 hours 310 / 350
  • Price for the Tours: 9 – 52 pax.  8 hours 870 €
  • The Cathedral of Toledo: 10 € per person
  • La Iglesia de Santo Tomé: 3 € per person
  • Sinagoga del Tránsito y El Museo Sefardí: 3 € per person
  • El Museo del Greco (por petición): 3 € per person


    Toledo is a city-museum located 80 km away from Madrid. This city has been designated by UNESCO as World Heritage Site. The first capital of Spain will surprise you with its antiquity, atmosphere of the Middle Ages and unique architecture in the style of mudejar. Since ancient times, Toledo has kept the magnificent cathedrals, churches, mosques, synagogues and other places of interest. The official (licensed) guide will assure your comfort and safety at the time of the trip. All you have to do it to enjoy the amazing beauty of the ancient capital of Spain!


    During our visit we will be able to make a stop at this Observatory place so you can enjoy a breathtaking panorama of the entire Toledo. At the same time you will be able to understand the main Monuments of Toledo with the explanation of our Guide.

  • The Cathedral of Toledo

    nother interesting place of the city is the Cathedral of Toledo. Its building started in 1226 at the same place where the Visigoth church of the VII century stood. Years and centuries went by, the building of cathedral caused a lot of difficulties. That’s why it was ended only in 1493. This place of interest represents the main spiritual center of the country and the unique monument of history. It is the place where the pulpit of archbishop- primate of Spain was built. Even today, the Cathedral of Toledo says the mass according to the Mozarabic rite, kept from the Visigoths. All the trips to Toledo usually end with the visit of this cathedral, so that the tourists get the greatest impression from their journey. The greatness and beauty of the Cathedral of Toledo remain in their hearts for a very long time.

  • El Museo del Greco and the Iglesia de Santo Tomé

    El Greco was born on the island of Crete in 1541. In 1575-1576 he moved to Spain and started to grow roots in Toledo. The artist’s house was located not far from the actual house-museum of El Greco. The museum building was constructed in the XX century by the marquis Vega Inclan. He tried to collect all the painter works, although it was extremely difficult. After his death, El Greco was buried in the convent of Santo Domingo. Nowadays the Cathedral keeps the most famous creation of the master- “The funeral of count Orgaz”, which was painted in 1586-1588. It depicts the miracle that happened at a funeral, when Saint Esteban came to earth to commit the count’s body to the earth.

  • Jewish Quarter

    The Jewish quarter of Toledo. It remains a mystery when the Jewry first appeared in Toledo. The suggestion is that their community has already existed at the time of Visigoths. Only two from all city synagogues have kept intact, but their appearance has changed significantly in the course of time.


    One of the most famous synagogues in Toledo is the Transito synagogue with features of the Moorish style of Mudejar architecture. This synagogue was built in the period 1356-1357, with the money of Samuel Ha-Levy. Royal treasurer and accounting of the King Pedro el Cruel who sponsored the construction of this sacred building. The temple was not destroyed, but was given to the Order of Calatrava and converted into Catholic Church. Nowadays, is organized as a Sephardic Museum, to understand their roots and past, where you can find out more about the life of Jews in Spain.


    If the Tour of Toledo is extended to 8 hours, then we can dine in a traditional restaurant with typical local cuisine. The owner grows many of the products at his farm.


    Our Guide of Toledo will
    show you every corner of the city worth of attention and in addition, you will visit the most famous attractions of Toledo in a much more interesting way.


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