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Tour to the bullring “Las Ventas”

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The bullring “Las Ventas” is one of the most attractive places for all tourists in Spain, as corrida is one of the symbols of this country. Fascinating and exciting bullfight doesn’t leave anyone indifferent. It is a risky and bright show. Of course, corrida is not for the faint-hearted, but for real fans it’s not a fun, but an exciting adventure.

Waiting for the corrida, the tourists can visit the museum “Las Ventas”, where you can find the portraits, weapon, costumes and other accessories of the most famous matadors and the mummified bull heads that cause fear and excitement. Imagine how incredibly powerful the great matadors that could win them were! Their courage is admirable!

Perhaps, all visitors of corrida would like to learn more about the bullring and the entertainments that expect you here. We will talk about it in our article.

    1. Main entrance: our route will start at the main entrance to “Las Ventas”. All the matadors dream of being carried out of here in the fans’ arms. Here will learn the history of this stadium and its building and the names of matadors who emerged victorious (the statues surrounding the Square are devoted to the winners).
    2. Walking through the terrace, we’ll reveal all the architectural details making “Las Ventas” the most beautiful square in the world.
    3. Upper signsThe panoramic view from the signs will tell you the history of corrida, audience and staff that created it. You will see the Royal box and Chairmanship.
    4. Ruedo. The most important events take place here. This is a meeting point of bull and matador. The bullring, stained with blood, plays a special role. Bullring and blood of bull or matador…
    5. PassageAll the toreros, matadors, banderilleros and picadors go to the bullring in front of the audience. The movement doesn’t have a random order; it has special meaning. Here we will understand a real meaning of bullfight.
    6. The gates of removalAfter its heroic death, the bull is dragged through the ring, while the public pays tribute to its bravery with the applause or whistles. Later, its meat is prepared for the feast: dozens of delights serve as a basis for the main national holidays.
    7. Bull corralThe bulls are brought here (которые потом пойдут на арену) for the veterinary examination. Here we’ll learn how the bulls live their last minutes before meeting their fate. Paradoxically, their ability to fight to the death is the only thing that can save their life.
    8. Patio and Team GateThe door from where all toreros (nervous and fearing) come to their fans before going to the Chapel to pray for help and protection. These are the most sincere and sensitive moments in the life of torero.
    9. Infirmary door. The place toreros don’t want to visit. But finally they have to do it. The pain from the blow with a horn, tragedy and wounds stress the magnificence of those who can devote their life to celebrating the courage and strength of the bull.
    10. Store. See the weapons of torero and get an unforgettable impression from your visit to “Las Ventas”. The pictures of bulls can be seen everywhere. Souvenirs, T-shirt, banderillas and bright costumes– you can buy all this (or send to your homeland) at the end of the tour in “Las Ventas”.

    Tour in “Las Ventas” and immersion into the world of corrida will leave an unforgettable impression. We hope that you will love and remember this passionate show!


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