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Tour to Santiago Bernabeu and Las Ventas

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  • Madrid
  • 4 hours
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Welcome to the capital of Spain! Today we offer you to visit one of the most interesting and exciting attractions of Madrid- the stadium “Santiago Bernabeu” (where the famous football club “Real Madrid” plays its matches), and the bullring “Las Ventas” (the place where corrida appeared and developed).

Our excursion starts with the visit to the stadium “Santiago Bernabeu”. Here we will look at the playing field and huge tribunes and feel the energy of passionate football fans. Then we’ll go to the dressing rooms and lodges of “Real Madrid”, where the members of cult team prepare for the game. From here, the guide will lead you to the playing field and the dugouts. You can easily feel yourself a player, waiting for a signal to enter the field. After that we’ll go to the Hall of Trophies, where you can admire the awards of the great team, achieved by long and hard work. And at the end of excursion to the stadium, all who wish can buy some souvenirs in the gift shop of “Real Madrid”, such as T-shirt, mug or keychain with a photo of his favorite team.

Excursion to the stadium “Las Ventas”

The second part of excursion will be devoted to the visit to “Las Ventas”– a huge bullring. Corrida is one of the favorite entertainments of Spaniards and an integral part of their cultural life. The fight of bull and torero at the arena is like a reflection of the Spanish spirit– wild, passionate and unbridled. Of course, every tourist wants to see this show. It will leave nobody indifferent!

During the tour in “Las Ventas” we will learn the history of this square, see the monuments to the famous toreros, the bullring, corral and Chapel where the brave toreros pray for the help and protection of higher power, and the infirmary where they end up after the battle. Walking through the bullring, you can easily imagine the show of this deathly battle and feel all the emotions of torero and his victim. And don’t forget to visit the gift shop and buy a nice present for yourself or your family. We will also visit the Bullfight Museum, where you can see the costumes of toreros, their portraits and the mummified heads of the bulls. Besides, in the special room you can see the most interesting moments in the history of corrida on the screen.

Excursion to the legendary football stadium “Santiago Bernabeu” and the bullring “Las Ventas” will leave unforgettable impressions! You’ll want to come back here again and again!


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