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Excursion “Mystical Madrid”

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  • Madrid


Visiting Madrid, it is impossible not to feel its’ magnetism and the desire to go back there again and again. Have you already visited the magnificent Royal Palace, wonderful Prado Museum and popular Retiro Park? Then it’s time to learn the other side of Spanish capital, hidden from our view, – its mystic part.
It is better to start the excursion “Mystic Madrid” when it’s already dark. It will help you to feel the atmosphere of dark and mysterious Madrid. Such walks will reveal to you the places, described in the famous crime stories, where the killings were committed (for example, the scene of murder of the poet Juan de Tassis y Peralta, who was killed by the unknown villain in the seventeenth century, and the scene of death of the most famous Madrid bandit Luis Candelas, who is still considered one of the most outstanding thieves of all times. However, the excursion won’t be focused only on the crime. You will see the places of Inquisition and inexplicable paranormal phenomena. Your guide will tell you the stories about ghosts, mystic and legends about the mysterious characters. It will show you the dark sides of Madrid you could never imagine… Take a new look at the capital of Spain!


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