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Excursion to the Palace Riofrio

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The Royal Palace Riofrio is located in the city of San Ildefonso (Segovia) and is one of the numerous royal residences. The castle is located high in the mountains of Guadarrama and surrounded by the forests. On the territory of the natural caste you can see such rare animals as deer, hogs, roe deer and different birds.

The palace was built by Italian architect Rabaglio. It has a square form and two symmetrical staircases. Its interior was modeled on Palacio Real de Madrid. The center of attention of Riofrio is a unique Hunting Museum (as initially it was the main purpose of palace). You should also pay attention to the beautiful chapel, luxury staircase, great collection of paintings of the famous artists, tapestries and rare tableware. King Francis used this palaces for the balls and, of course, hunting. On the first floor you should pay special attention to the royal chamber and hunting museum that saves the relics of different centuries.

The story of its building relates directly to the political intrigues.

The second wife of Spanish King Phillip V (Isabel de Farnesio) wanted that the throne gets to her son Carlos III. The Queen spared no effort to make her dream come true, trying to maintain her political position and actively participating in public affairs. However, she failed. In 1724, the King left the throne and gave it to his older son Luis I. But because of his quick death, Phillip V came back to the throne and ruled the country for the rest of my life. After the King’s death in 1746, the second son of Phillip V- Ferdinand VI started to rule the country. Unable to withstand the intervention of the persistent queen, Ferdinand decided to remove her from the public affairs. He ordered to build a luxury place for her. Soon, the famous architect Virgilio Rabaglio started to fulfill the King’s wish. The building started in 1751 in a small hunting lodge in Segovia, known as Coto de Riofrio.

The King Ferdinand VI died a few years before the termination of construction of Riofrio. As he didn’t leave the heirs, the Queen Isabel’s big dream came true- the throne passed to her son Carlos III. The Queen didn’t live in Riofrio, as she preferred La Granja. Later on, she was used as a hunting lodge.

The visit to the royal palace Riofrio will be one of your best impressions. Don’t miss the chance to combine business with pleasure – learn the history of Spain and admire the beautiful architecture.


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